Armband Tattoos For Women? – Tribal Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos are generally seen as a masculine tattoo and come in many different fashions. Armband tattoos are usually seen in tribal tattoo art, lettering and are usually placed on the upper arm of a man.

There are some changes that you can make to make this armband tattoo more feminine and a little more suitable for a woman. Generally you will not seen women with arm band tattoos, but there are those who still choose to get this style of tattoo. If a woman decides to get an armband tattoo, you can decrease the size of the tattoo to help it fit nicer on the arm. Men who get armband tattoos usually get the tattoo larger, upward of four inches and can be anywhere between the shoulder and the elbow. For a woman, choosing a smaller tattoo will help make it look more feminine as it will not be as bold or take up most of their arm. You will want a tattoo that reduces the focus on the tattoo and that gives your arm a softer touch.

Another change that you can do to reduce the masculine nature associated with the armband tattoo is to add girly or feminine features to the tattoo. For a woman if you add tattoo designs such as floral designs, soft colors and softer lines, you will have an armband tattoo that is more for a girl than for a guy.

armband tattoo for womanBy using colors and girly colors to your armband tattoo, rather than the traditional black tattoo will also help make your arm band more feminine looking than masculine. Adding color to even a tribal armband tattoo can also help create a more unique tattoo for a woman than for a man.


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